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                                       Robert Pinco was a secondary                                                  school teacher and started Milford                                            Driving School as a way of                                                        supplementing his modest income.                                            After his death his wife subsequently                                         sold it to a classroom instructor.

                                       When that instructor became a high school administrator, the school became available and was purchased in 1978 by Frank Jordan. For the last 40 plus years Frank has owned the school and managed safe driving classes as well as worked with utility companies to develop safety training for their drivers. His extensive knowledge of safe driving behaviors has helped him develop the current Drug & Alcohol classes from a five-hour class to the currently required 8-hour version. In addition, Milford Driving School offers several times a month a National Safety Council class required for drivers with too many moving violations. He and his instructor are licensed by the National Safety Council to conduct the class. Teens are required to attend a Parent/Teen class which the school offers after the teens have taken the Drug & Alcohol classes. Now, after being an instructor and then an owner for almost 50 years, Frank has the experience and expertise to guide students in their quest to be lifelong safe drivers in the roadway community.


One Day and Three Day Classes Available


Milford Driving School currently offers the Connecticut required Drug & Alcohol Course for both teens and adults.  See Groupon.com to purchase vouchers.

Call for details or to register:


Groupon Vouchers

If you bought a voucher from Groupon, hold on to it. Current vouchers will have their expiration dates extended, so once classes begin again the vouchers will still be valid. Classes will begin again as soon as we get the word that we can open. Keep coming back here to be informed.